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Monday, April 11, 2011

Enjoy clear water while you can

We rats enjoy a little slime, a bit of goo where it doesn't belong, a touch of funk here and there where it's particularly offensive. And we know you humans do not, which is why we're convinced we're superior creatures, but that's for another day.

One place we know where you don't like your funk is in your lakes and rivers -- where your kids swim, where you throw sticks for your dogs (and you think rats are dumb?), where you go for a picnic on a warm summer day.

Maybe you satisfied your inner picnic on some lakeshore or river bank last weekend when temps hit the high 70s. And did you notice how the water was clear and clean?

Let Rat snicker here and say to you: it won't last long. Some more nice warm days and you'll see:

A green ooze take over
where Rover
chases his stick.
But if he goes in
he just might get sick.

Seems too that green water is bad for business. Check out that Tom Dorsey guy -- he seems especially peeved by the pea soup his bar sits next to.

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