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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Getting Wild and Scenic...

....and not just as Wisconsin's great rivers start considering a thaw. The Rat's pals the River Alliance are hosting a festival again this year...the Wild and Scenic Film Festival on Tour, to be precise. March 9 at the Majestic Theatre in downtown Madison. Apparently, there will be food and beer and prizes...more than enough incentive to draw a River Rat into the city. Why not come down and join me? There'll be some great short films, including one called Big River by the scamps that made King Corn. We also heard there'll even be one about river that is something I'd bet most river rats haven't seen...and might not believe.

I know what you're thinking...downtown Madison? Better bring a bank roll. But not so fast skeptics...this night of enviro cinematic entertainment is just $10. Or, you can go large and spend $25, which will not just get you into the films, but will also get you into the rocking and rolling party afterwards (catered by Willy St. Coop), one free drink at that party, and best yet...a one year membership to the River Alliance of Wisconsin (regular price $35 clams). All for $25. Not too shabby.

Don't wait to get your tickets...last year's event was packing them in at the same venue. You savvy types can go to Brown Paper Tickets to grab some tickets, or if you trend a little more old school, stop into your local Fontana Sports store and they'll be happy to sell you a few. can even call River Alliance central at 608-257-2424 ext. 116 to sort yourself out. But regardless how you do it, do it. All the proceeds from this event go to support the River Alliance and their work to save Wisconsin's rivers. Pretty good value for money, this Rat thinks.

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