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Friday, June 5, 2009

Dough Rollin'...

Despite being a blogger, I don't spend a lot of time takes too much time away from being in and around the water. And I certainly don't want to touch writing a grant application. But it's a good thing some folks around the River Alliances offices don't mind it...and are pretty damned good at it. How so? Well, despite all the damage this Great Recession is doing to everyone, including acute damage to many nonprofit organizations, the RA has bucked the trend and secured several big chunks of change to not just keep the doors open, but keep things working on just about every cylinder. Big checks from a couple big old private foundations have graced the office mailbox, as well as significant commitments from the state and one of Wisconsin's larger municipalities. Apparently, they're doing something right down there at River Alliance Central--the fat wallet types sure seem to think so.

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