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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

River Rat Recognition Recently Received...

Well, your favorite alliteratively titled blog is going an extent. River Network, the organization devoted to the preservation of the nation's rivers (and the support of local river organizations like the Rat's beloved River Alliance of Wisconsin), has just added a new page to their website, highlighting blogs from those same local orgs. And the River Rat is in the slate. We won't claim complete credit for this timely advancement, but we will admit to wiggling our whiskers near the ear of our River Network pal Katherine Lucher to get the idea out there. Thanks to her for making this happen, and forward ho to our other river blogging compatriots. Check them all out...after you've read the Rat, of course.

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  1. Also, we're excited to feature the River Alliance and much more at ThirdCoast Digest. I invite your readers to check out