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Friday, March 20, 2009

Dirty Paws

I draw your attention to a short but effective letter in today's Wisconsin State Journal (yes...there are still newspapers out there...). It's about controlling farm run-off, which is something this River Rat knows you all care about...and if you don't, you should. Unless you think that everydayisStPattysgreengunkthickenoughtoscoopwithyourhand photo in my previous post is appealing. I sure don't. And who wrote the previously mentioned important missive? A dedicated River Alliance supporter who knows that sometimes you have to do more than read an entertaining blog (though I'm certainly glad you do) to keep our rivers running clean and free. Sometimes you gotta stick your paw into the green gunk and let everybody who'll listen know that it just isn't going to fly. Sometime you gotta be your own River Rat. So, to all you Rats out there with dirty paws giving it as good as we all certainly get it, this rat salutes you.

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